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Collected over a forty year period, this is one man's completist personal library of the works of the Powy's Brothers & family.
Above, we show the writers  John, Theodore & Llewellyn respectively. These from a family of eleven childred...!
The collection is mainly hardcover. The condition: mainly Good, but many Very Good or much better. There are many 1st Editions. Rather than sell individually, we believe this unusual collection is worth preserving as one entity. The initial description below is necessarily rather brief. Anyone interested, please contact us direct and we will assist you as much as we can. So, to begin, there are: a total of: 46 Hardback Volumes., 11 Soft cover publications, and 43 issues of The Powys Journals and Newsletters, together with two boxed cassette tapes. There are 27 issues of The Powys Journal , 1991 to 2016 inclusive and including a 20 page "Contents & Index" for volumes 1 to XX. There are six issues of "La Lettre Powys, nos 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 &12 with parallel French/English text. Then: 98 issues of "The Powys Society Newsletter" with a copy of the important 1970 First Isuue, then a continuous run to Number 100 (July 2020). .Then 24 issues of "The Powys Review" from No, 1 (spring 1997) to No. 26. Note: the very earliest issues of The Powys Society Newsletter were mimeographed unnumbered typewritten sheets. A total of c 210 Powys and Powys related items. We believe £595.00 is a reasonable value for this very comprehensive collection, and in view of the effort expended by our late departed Lyme Regis colleague. Total weight: a colossal 60 kg with packing. UK door to door Tracked & Insured courier shipping £55.00, as two parcels. Overseas interest please contact us for a shipping quote to your instructions. Thank You. [Llewelyn Powys, (above right) was born nearby, in Dorchester, the son of the Reverend Charles Francis Powys, who was vicar of Montacute, Somerset for thirty-two years, and Mary Cowper Johnson, a granddaughter of Dr John Johnson, the cousin and friend of the poet William Cowper. He came from a family with ten siblings, many of whom were also talented. Two brothers John Cowper Powys and Theodore Francis Powys were also well-known writers, while his sister Philippa published a novel and some poetry. Another sister Marian Powys was an authority on lace and lace-making and published a book on this subject. His brother A. R. Powys was Secretary of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, and published a number of books on architectural subjects. Wiki]. More information on request, with pleasure. Thank you.
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